Corpse of a woman found inside a tanning bed

A woman was found dead inside a tanning bed after having been there for two hours.

What looked like a normal tanning session, became a fact that shook the inhabitants of Kaltenbrunn, in Austria.

The woman, 50, was found by a customer who tried to contact her, but by not answering him, suspected something unusual was going on.

After a few minutes, the man opened the tanning bed and there was the dead woman. He immediately tried to revive her, but it was not possible.

According to the Noticias Caracol report, in the autopsy “no evidence of injury or malpractice found on the tanning bed”. Although, the results of the woman’s toxicology reports are yet to be known.

In addition, an investigation carried out to the establishment that provided this service and to the tanning bed, where the woman was, did not show any defects in her.


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