News Corral announces suspension of all public and private activities

Corral announces suspension of all public and private activities


Chihuahua.- Governor Javier Corral Jurado announced the suspension of all public and private activities as a preventive measure for the Covid-19 pandemic and with this they will close cinemas, theaters, shopping centers, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, museums, sports events, as well as salons of events and conventions and private meetings and asked the population to adopt an elderly adult in a vulnerable condition.

He assured that Chihuahua remains in phase one of the pandemic as in the rest of the country and with this grocery stores, supermarkets and other establishments that are dedicated to food supply will continue to be open with the necessary prevention measures, such as healthy distance and also, the companies that continue working will have to do it with the strictly necessary personnel and promote the “work at home”.

Regarding medical supplies, he assured that Chihuahua has enough human capital among doctors and nurses to attend to the effects of the pandemic, as well as enough hospital beds, respirators, ventilators and the screening tests that exist are sufficient but more will have to be requested.

These conditions will be maintained from Monday, March 23 until April 20, in accordance with the recommendations of the health authorities, at which time the Chihuahuas must stay at home, go out on the street as little as possible, in case of having to go to the supermarket should be done by only one member per family and if medical attention is required only the patient or a companion may do so.

In this way, they intend to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in Chihuahua, in which Governor Corral Jurado assured that difficult times are coming for Chihuahuas and that after this, life as we know it today will change in many aspects, so Therefore, it is necessary to take preventive measures responsibly and under no circumstances should children be on the streets.

The state president trusted that the Chihuahuas will know how to face these difficult times and asked to abide by all the preventive recommendations, since only then will it be possible to contain a possible massive contagion.

He assured that the state government will maintain the dissemination of the progress of Covid-19 in the entity, so he asked to be attentive to the official information and avoid falling for false notes or spreading them.



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