Corruption Eradication Committee Summarecon Agung Tbk Summarecon Agung

JAKARTA, – The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) summoned a number of high-ranking officials from PT Summarecon Agung Tbk in connection with the alleged bribery case in the administration of an apartment construction permit that ensnared the former mayor of Yogyakarta, Haryadi Suyuti.

They were examined by the KPK as witnesses for the Vice President Real Estate PT Summarecon Agung Tbk Oon Nusihono (ON) who became a suspect for allegedly bribing Haryadi.

“Today (20/6/2022) the examination of witnesses for the corruption case of bribery in the management of permits in the Yogyakarta City Government area for the suspect ON and his friends,” said Acting KPK Spokesman Ali Fikri to reporters, Monday (20/6/2022) .

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Ali said that there were five parties from PT Summarecon Agung scheduled to be investigated today.

They are the Head of Finance & Accounting of Summarecon Property Development Doni Wirawan, Director of Bussines & Property Development of PT Summarecon Agung Syarif Benjamin, and Director of Business & Property Development of PT Sumarecon Agung Herman Nagaria.

Then, the finance staff of PT Summarecon Marcella Devita and Head of Finance Regional 8 PT Summarecon Amita Kusumawaty.

In addition, the KPK will examine the Director of PT Java Orient Property, Dandan Jaya Kartika.

“The investigation is related to the corruption crime of bribery in the management of permits in the Yogyakarta City Government area,” said Ali.

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) is investigating the involvement of PT Summarecon Agung (SA) Tbk in the alleged bribery case for issuing a building permit (IMB) involving the former Yogyakarta Mayor (Walkot) Haryadi Suyuti.

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This investigation was carried out after the KPK arrested and detained the Vice President of Real Estate PT Summarecon Agung, Oon Nusihono (ON).

“Yes, of course it will be investigated later whether the money given (to Haryadi Suyuti) was taken from Summarecon’s treasury or with the approval of the board of directors knowing,” said Deputy Chair of the KPK Alexander Marwata to reporters at the KPK Red and White Building, Jakarta, Friday (3/6). /2022).

Alexander said that if the bribe given by Oon to Haryadi was a corporate policy, Summarecon Agung was suspected of being involved.

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