Corsica: an attempt at settlement of accounts targets the son of former nationalist leader Alain Orsoni
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Guy Orsoni, son of former nationalist leader Alain Orsoni and sentenced in 2015 for criminal conspiracy, was shot and wounded Thursday morning in Ajaccio, an assassination attempt that falls, according to the Ajaccio prosecutor, in a logic of "settlement of accounts” within "big banditism".

The 30-year-old was shot in the arm as he was driving his 4×4 black armored Mercedes on Thursday morning around 9:45 am at the entrance of Jardins de l'Empereur, a popular neighborhood on the heights of the city, but his days are not in danger. His attackers, currently on the run, two people who circulated on a motorcycle, have used an assault rifle, said the prosecutor Eric Bouillard.

Guy Orsoni managed to escape his attackers by driving his vehicle to the city center, where he stopped near the court and was picked up by police officers, according to a source close to the police. investigation, entrusted to the judicial police.

The public prosecutor's office in Ajaccio relinquished the case to the benefit of the JIRS (specialized interregional jurisdiction) of Marseilles, competent in matters of serious organized crime.

"Fear takes over"

"I heard two explosions and after I saw a 4×4", told several journalists a woman in her forties who did not wish to give his identity, witness the facts in front of the bakery Gardens the emperor. "You hear noise, you ask the question what it is and then it's the fear that takes over," she explained, visibly shocked.

In a small street near the courthouse stood Mr Orsoni's black four-wheel drive, with lights on and both front and rear left doors riddled with bullet holes. Several members of the scientific police, in white overalls and masks, searched the scene for clues, AFP found. Members of the judicial police were also present in large numbers at midday.

A large cordon of police prevented access to the district of the Gardens of the Emperor and the surrounding buildings. Students from the local school were kept in the school during the lunch break, according to a source close to the survey.

Guy Orsoni was hospitalized late in the morning.

Contacted by AFP, his lawyer Camille Romani said he was "relieved that he was only injured as a result of this apparent assassination attempt, since a heavy weapon was apparently used. life only saves the fact that he was driving in an armored vehicle. "

"Clan Wars"

"My main concern right now is that his health is not getting worse, he has to be on the operating table by the time I'm talking to you, he's got a projectile in his arm and he's likely to preserve some sequels, "said the lawyer.

Prosecuted with 10 other people, including murder and criminal conspiracy to commit murder, Guy Orsoni was acquitted in June 2015 for the crimes and sentenced to eight years in prison for a criminal conspiracy to obtain fake papers.

The prosecution claimed that these killings were part of a "clan war".” between the relatives of Alain Orsoni and the other close to the criminal gang of the Petit Bar, named after a café in Ajaccio. For the prosecution, all these facts were the response of the "Orsoni clan” a plot to kill Alain Orsoni thwarted in the summer of 2008, coupled with a financial dispute.

In May 2017, Guy Orsoni was indicted in a new case and placed a few months in custody for criminal conspiracy to commit a crime.

An early nationalist, Alain Orsoni was one of the leaders of the National Liberation Front of Corsica (FLNC), before founding the Movement for Self-Determination (MPA). At the height of the fratricidal war within the nationalist movement, he had left Corsica in 1996 and lived for 13 years in Florida and Nicaragua. Regularly denouncing "fantasies", he has always disputed the existence of an "Orsoni clan".

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