Cosimo asks for Gabriella’s hand

Now there is little left for the return of the soap opera on Rai 1 The Ladies’ Paradise, inspired by a novel by Emile Zola and broadcast from Monday to Friday from 3.40 pm. Waiting to review the adventures set in the Milanese department store, the first spoilers of the unpublished episodes continue to leak.

At the moment no flashback is expected between Salvatore Amato (Emanuel Caserio) and Gabriella Rossi (Ilaria Rossi). The latter still at loggerheads with her ex boyfriend for not having endured his strong jealousy, will make it clear that he is willing to make a change in his life.

The stylist will seem to accept the court of Cosimo Bergamini (Alessandro Cosentini), who will always surprise you by asking her to become his wife.

Ladies’ Paradise, summary of previous episodes: Salvatore in crisis with his fiancée

The season finale of the screenplay The Ladies’ Paradise is preparing to open its doors. To surprise in the new episodes scheduled on the Rai flagship network from September, it will certainly be a twist that will feature protagonists Gabriella Rossi and Cosimo Bergamini. Before knowing what will happen from September it is important to summarize the previous events. In particular Salvatore Amato and his historic girlfriend have entered in crisis, precisely because of the uncomfortable presence of the best friend of Riccardo Guarnieri (Enrico Oetiker) who did everything to break through the heart of the talented designer.

Initially, Rossi did a big favor to Cosimo, since she pretended to be his girlfriend so as not to worry her mother.

With the passing of the days the courting of the entrepreneur was so excessive that the brother of Antonio and Tina was forced to write an apology note to his beloved, to convince her to return to his side.

Unfortunately Salvatore was unable to reconcile with Gabriella because of his mother Agnese (Antonella Attili), who unbeknownst to him made the sheet written by him and addressed to the girl disappear. At the same time Bergamini let Riccardo know that he loved Gabriella.

New season plots: Cosimo wants to marry Gabriella, Agnese repentant

The new advances tell that Roberta Pellegrino’s roommate will show that she is no longer confused sentimentally, since she will accept to give herself a chance with Cosimo. The real news will be the unexpected gesture of the latter, given that more and more lovers will come to make a proposal for marriage a Gabriella.

This time, therefore, it will be even more difficult for Salvatore to fight to prevent his rival from stealing the most important woman in his life, but apparently he will do nothing to recover their relationship. Finally, Agnese will begin to be assaulted by guilt feelings for having hindered the love story between his son and the designer of paradise.


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