The course was set by Emmanuel Macron, in his last television address: “The State, from May 11, in conjunction with the mayors, will have to allow each French to obtain a mask for the general public”. Time is running out, especially since the wearing of the mask should be “recommended” to the population, and “probably imposed” in transport to limit the spread of the coronavirus, the Élysée said on Thursday. Cost, distribution … Here are the latest details of the strategy “masks for all“Of the government, a week before the presentation of its deconfinement plan.

● Town halls, pharmacies … Several distribution methods from May 4

The French will be able to start to obtain masks “From May 4”, date on which will be implemented “Experiments”, explains the Secretary of State for the Economy Agnès Pannier-Runacher, in an interview with Les Echos published on Friday. But where to get them? “We are looking at all the hypotheses: pharmacists, town halls, mass distribution, tobacconists, Afnor platform, e-commerce, etc.“, Indicates the member of the government, while retail chains are already active to meet the demand.

Modalities still need to be “Arbitrated” until the deconfinement plan is presented, she warns, however: “How to avoid a phenomenon of overstocking by some, at the risk of causing local supply disruptions? How to rely on local communities?“The objective is distribution “large” and “All over the territory” of these masks for the general public, in order to “generalize”, insisted the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, this Friday morning on France Inter.

● Equipment “of them“,”five euros

No sale price has yet been set, and the idea of ​​a framework “Is not relevant”, according to Agnès Pannier-Runacher. The Confederation of tobacconists plans to sell the masks at 5 euros per unit, without this price being final.

For his part, Olivier Véran gave orders of magnitude on Friday on France Inter: “Two”, “five euros”, or the cost “Of a quality and filtering textile”. The Minister has made his calculations: these masks will “Washable and reusable up to twenty or thirty times”, so each use will return to “A few cents”.

● Around 25 million consumer masks supplied each week

To meet demand, a “Manufacturing sector for mass-market textile masks, most often washable and reusable”, has been “Initiated” by the government, explains Agnès Pannier-Runacher to Les Echos. In total, more than “25 million washable masks” should be produced in France or imported every week at the end of April, advises the minister.

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