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Divorce can be a difficult stage to face for most people, since separations can trigger emotions such as pain or sadness, similar to a grieving process. But feelings are not the same for everyone.

And Costa Rican man drew the attention of citizens and even the media after drive through the streets of Cartago, a city in that country, in his vehicle. However, what he perplexed more than one is that he carried balloons and a painted phrase: “I already signed the divorce.”

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The subject drew so much attention that even a local media outlet interviewed him to tell him about his particular experience. The man, named Pablo Campos, did not hide his happiness.

My intention was to free myself and tell people ‘here, he died here’

It is a divorce process that took more than three and a half years, where communication was very complicated. When I was signing it, it was such a great feeling of relief,” the man told

And he added: “It was to get rid of a load of all these years that was killing me, my health was deteriorating. My intention was to free myself and tell people ‘here he died'”.

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But his celebration did not stop there. Campos explained that after signing the divorce, he decorated his car, fulfilled a promise to go to the Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels and then to the cemetery where his mother is buried.

While touring the city with the balloons and the message announcing his divorce, Campos pointed out to the middle of his country that dozens of drivers were honking at him and lowering their car windows to congratulate him.

From the beginning, the intention was always for my children to benefit, that is the main achievement

The images of his car quickly went viral and thousands of messages have also reached him through social networks. “The reaction that there has been is incredible, you have no idea how there are people writing to me and asking that I hope I can talk to their children who are in the same process to tell them not to give up, at some point everything happens and it will be solved” , counted.

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Finally, the man pointed out that his divorce is not only a victory for him, but also for his children. “From the beginning, the intention was always for my children to benefit, that is the main achievement. I went from being able to see them two weekends a month to now being able to have them one day during the week, vacation period and others,” he concluded.


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