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Costs-benefits Tav, the EU: "Italy clarifies" Count: soon a decision

In the Transportation Committee hearing, the head of the team that produced the document Marco Guido Ponti defends his work: "Instrument not perfect, but the only possible"

To ask our country for clarification on the text was the spokesperson of the EU Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc, recalling that "there is no fixed deadline" imminent that blocks the EU funds, but stating that "certainly more time passes and accumulate delays The risks increase, so we hope to have a productive meeting with the Italian authorities ".

And so, while the tension remains high around the high speed Turin-Lyon, the premier spreads a note to clarify that the decision must still be taken, while emphasizing that the technical analysis "can not be defined as part because it is not share the results ".

Bridges: "Economic and non-political analysis" – To defend that document was, in the morning, the professor who led the work team to realize the text, Marco Guido Ponti, in the hearing in the Transport Committee of the Chamber. "It is – he said – an economic and non-political analysis, which has all the vices and virtues of an economic analysis, but it is impossible to claim perfection for something that tends to the future. , but the numbers are there and you have to read them ".

"Manipulable analysis? Nothing is perfect" – Ponti then wanted to clarify: "Is the analysis manipulable? Yes of course, for example on input parameters, but other methods are much more manipulable and in fact are not used". He also assured that on the analysis "there is complete continuity with what was done by the previous minister, also from the methodological point of view".

Professor Ponti then underlined the duty "to choose because there are 132 billion euros of public investment on the table". And in this regard he explained: "It is not ethical right to not reckon before deciding, it is a political duty for the needs of democratic transparency". The work carried out in recent months, he explained, has allowed us to achieve the goal of "advancing the culture of accountability in the country to base decisions on the accounts".

As for a possible conflict of interest, he explained: "On the motorways, I would like to point out a number of them with the cost-benefit analysis, and Autostrade per l'Italia has made me slander for 2 million euros. best defender of myself but the motorways have treated her worse than the railways, they would put the pins on my picture ".



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