Côte d’Ivoire-AIP/ La Mutuelle de l’IEP 2 d’Agboville initiates a blood donation operation

Agboville, May 12, 2022 (AIP) – The Agboville Primary Education Inspection 2 Teachers and Agents Mutual Fund (MEA 2) initiated, on Wednesday May 11, 2022, a blood donation operation at the Regional Hospital Center (CHR), as part of its social activities.

“This activity is part of the matrix of actions of our mutual that we try to respect. It is within the framework of the social aspect that we organized this blood donation operation where we were able to collect 74 bags of blood”, declared the secretary general of the MEA2, Shérif Lanciné.

Mr. Shérif indicated that several members of the Mutual were unable to take part in this activity for health or travel reasons. He hoped that at the next session, they would all be mobilized to donate their blood “because it’s a sacrifice we make for the other”.

MEA 2 claims over 400 members.



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