Côte d’Ivoire: Inter / Health / The five most frequent diseases of women from 40 years old (recommendations)

Woman in a health center with her baby

Abidjan, Jan 09 (AIP) – In women, the first chronic diseases and gynecological concerns appear at the age of 40 and must be monitored to stay in good health, according to Evelyne Chartier, general practitioner. First, diabetes, which is a disease characterized by chronic hyperglycemia, or excess sugar in the blood. If “40 years is not an age where the most pathologies are declared”, according to Evelyne Chartier, general practitioner member of the Union of liberal doctors, women must still adopt new habits to age in good health. Because some diseases arise from their lifestyle, “poor diet and obesity will lead to diabetes around 45 years.” We must therefore “do …

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