CÔTE-D’OR: Greenpeace activists call for CETA to be abandoned

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One year after the ratification of CETA by the National Assembly, Greenpeace activists stuck posters on the facades of the offices of the deputies of Côte-d’Or Fadila Khattabi and Didier Paris. They consider that this economic treaty between Canada and the European Union is “incompatible” with the Paris Agreement.

Greenpeace Dijon press release of July 23, 2020:

Emmanuel Macron still prefers CETA to the climate: activists in Dijon call for its abandonment

On July 23, 2019, the National Assembly ratified CETA despite the challenge from civil society. A year later, the text is still awaiting passage through the Senate. To call on the government to suspend the transatlantic trade treaty, activists from Greenpeace, Attac and the Confédération paysanne de Dijon have covered the parliamentary offices with slogans such as “Climate hypocrite” or “CETA or climate, you have (badly) ) chosen ”.

Early this morning, activists from Greenpeace France, Attac and the Confédération paysanne de Dijon covered the offices of parliamentarians who had ratified CETA, to make them listen to reason and demand that the free trade treaty be definitively abandoned. Across France, 20 local groups mobilized to ask senators to challenge CETA, and MPs to review their copy.

A year ago, the parliamentary majority had difficulty in voting CETA in the National Assembly, while many citizens had already protested against this agreement for many years. Highly revealing symbol of the hypocrisy of a government that wants to be a pioneer in the fight against climate change: a few hours earlier, activist Greta Thunberg was applauded in the Chamber after calling for the necessary responsibilities in the face of the climate emergency.

Greenwashing on the move

Presented under the accelerated procedure, the text has not yet been submitted to a vote in the Senate. But CETA still remains incompatible with the Paris Agreement, as several reports commissioned by the government itself have shown, including that of the Schubert commission, which clearly points out that the Agreement is conspicuous by its failure to take into account climate issues. Emmanuel Macron seems to have quickly forgotten these conclusions: on June 29, he rejected the proposal of the Citizen’s Convention for the climate which called for the abandonment of CETA, specifies that it is necessary to continue to assess the content of this agreement, and that in the event of non-compliance with the Paris trajectory, he would be the first to abandon it. The French are not mistaken: 82% believe that France should oppose any free trade agreement with countries that do not sufficiently reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. tight.

For Greenpeace France, the Confédération paysanne and Attac, “Emmanuel Macron persists in error. He was obviously not convinced by his own promises, nor by expertise or citizens. CETA is a climaticide treaty which seriously undermines democracy, the very possibility of an ecological future. On this anniversary, we urge the parliamentarians of the majority to come out of their docile torpor and refuse to accept the inconsistencies of the Elysee. The group must bang its fist on the table and follow up on the request of the Citizen’s Climate Convention: immediately abandon the provisional application of this text and put it permanently in the dustbin. ”

CETA is helping fuel the world war on agricultural prices to the detriment of social rights, peasant income, the quality of food and the preservation of the environment. This free trade agreement pulls down social and environmental standards to the benefit of multinationals. For example, animal meal, antibiotics as growth promoters and GMOs are authorized in Canada. Free trade therefore deprives everyone of their social and environmental rights to obtain additional markets.


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