Côtes d'Armor. A violent fire destroys a farm shed


Sunday, 6:45, a fire broke out in a farm shed, at a place called Crenvez, Callac (Côtes-d'Armor). When the firefighters arrived, it was already too late: 300 tons of straw had burned.

The agricultural shed in flames at 7 o'clock this Sunday morning. | DR

  • The agricultural shed in flames at 7 o'clock this Sunday morning.
    The agricultural shed in flames at 7 o'clock this Sunday morning. | DR

The victim, Vincent Lambert (EARL des Racines), operator at a place called Crenvez, Callac (Côtes-d'Armor), went to work this Sunday, November 10 in the morning, at 6:30: " There was nothing ! It was dark night. The newspaper delivery man did not notice anything either. "

It was around 6:45 am the closest neighbors all heard hail on the roof: "I heard cracking, testifies Alain Prével, councilor who lives nearby. When I went to the window, there were flames everywhere. "

The farmhouse in the flames at 7 am this Sunday morning. | DR

"28 tons of ammonitrate could explode"

They are two other neighbors, Dominique and Sebastien, who leave in disaster on the spot, after having alerted the firemen. Dominique testifies: "We know the buildings. Unfortunately, it was too late for this farm shed, but behind it there is another one. We tried to save everything that could be saved. "

First reflex: cut the meter. "Then Sébastien started Vincent's big new tractor, bought three months ago. It was time: the painting was starting to blow by the heat. "

Dominique attaches chains, then begins a race against the clock. "We take out the big baller, the cutterbar, the sweeper, we move the sprayer. " The two men are striving " surely at the risk of our lives. We realize it after. But, in an emergency, we are less vigilantnt s. "

If no one was hurt, the damage could have been even greater: "This second building contained 28 tons of ammonitrate that could explode ! "

"The fourth fire shed in the area"

Firefighters arrived quickly at 7am: "Five rescue centers, announces Pierre Le Roux, sergeant-chef at Callac. Mael-Carhaix, Carhaix, Saint-Nicolas-du-Pélem and Pordic. A staff of 20 firefighters plus a group leader, two pump-ton vans, two water carriers and a lighting and ventilation cell. "Ammonitrate bags were released urgently. "

Alain Prével is perplexed: "This is the fourth shed that burns in a short time in the area; the last was in October, at Saint-Servais, at a place called Trégonvel. "

Vincent Lambert, owner of the destroyed agricultural shed, can only resign himself. He awaits the analyzes of the gendarmerie and will estimate the amount of damage. | WEST FRANCE

Vincent, a poultry farmer of flesh, of duck fat and who owns 90 hectares of cereals, accuses the blow: "I was not alerted by the gendarmerie until 8:30 am." Vincent still lost 300 tons of straw, a tractor, a press. I have at least € 100,000. In this shed, there is nothing electric. The fire would have taken in the hay. "

But only investigations by the CIC (criminal investigation unit), in progress, will be able to show whether it is a criminal act or an accidental cause.

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