Cotton swabs for ministers and work stoppage on December 8, 2022 in schools: the unions remain mobilized

The success of the various teaching staff demonstrations is not to be demonstrated. Nevertheless, the government of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation remains deaf to the demands of teaching staff“, thus justify together the CSC-Teaching, the CGSP-Teaching, the SETCa-SEL, the SLFP-Teaching and the CGSLB-Appel.


As a reminder, after having already demonstrated in the streets of Brussels in February, Mons in March and Liège in May during the previous school year, around ten thousand teachers found themselves in the streets of Namur last October.

They had on this occasion recalled their main demands: reduction of class size, withdrawal of the reform of the evaluation of teachers, questions about the future of qualifying education and overload of work resulting from the reforms of the Pact for of excellence.


In the absence of a response from the government, the union common front for education has requested a meeting with its representatives on Thursday, December 8.“, thus announce the unions. “ On this occasion, we decided to give cotton swabs to the various ministers who make it up.” Just to unclog their ears…

In addition, the unions call on the educational teams to observe “a work stoppage“on the occasion of this day of Thursday, December 8, “in order to support their representatives“.

Without speaking for the moment of strike, this union invitation should nevertheless result in a certain number of disturbances in the schools in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation which would decide to follow the movement.

The common front also specifies that, in the absence of progress or responses deemed sufficient, an action plan will be implemented from the beginning of 2023.