“Could Kyrie Irving be the Key to Lakers’ Success in the Future NBA Seasons?”

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After the elimination of the Angels Lakers in the Western Conference finals, several modifications were taken into consideration already thinking about the next season.

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This season the team looked very good, despite failing to reach the NBA finals in search of a new title, the team earned a lot of credit for their feats achieved during the postseason.

However; It’s time to leave things in the past and think about the future, and the name of Kyrie Irving sounds a lot in the team’s plans, who will be a free agent next summer and could be the perfect opportunity to get the driver’s signature, who He played this season for the Brooklyn Nets before being traded to the Dallas Mavericks.

It seems the Lakers have a lot of intentions to unite LeBron James and Kyrie Irving again and try to achieve that success that the Cleveland Cavaliers staged in the 2016 campaign when they defeated the Golden State Warriors to be crowned champions.

However; Kyrie doesn’t plan on making a hasty decision that might cost him a lot of regret later, for now, he can continue his work with the Mavericks, but the Lakers intend to offer a better sum of money and build a more competitive team than Kyrie’s. this year.

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For Kyrie, winning has always been the goal, he is a player who stands out for his competitiveness and now he will have the opportunity to join a team contending for the title, much more than with the Mavs, depending on the movements they can make in the game. summer.

For now, everything indicates that the Lakers will get an important signing in the next market, Kyrie is their first alternative, however; everything may not turn out as it seems and another figure will occupy the position that until now the pilot has set aside.

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