Couleur Cafe | Nitrogen works for the pogo

If the pogo doesn’t come to Moses, Moses has to go to the pogo. Pregnant Guy must have thought that at Couleur Café. With Nitrogen he did his sweaty best to put the flame in the pan.

On the last day of Couleur Café, the Brussels rap crew of Stikstof was allowed to come home under the spheres of the Atomium. Especially for pivotal figure Zwangere Guy, this was the final piece of a hefty wandering, because ‘Papa ZG’ was ready for its third show of the weekend, after solo passages on the opening day of Couleur Café and TW Classic.

Not that the fatigue seemed to creep in. Guy peeked out from under the brim of his bucket hat at the pasture like a hungry animal. Sparring partner Jazz Brak paraded across the Main Stage as if it were his living room, accurate as usual. ‘On the grave’ of the brand new record swamp quickly lit the fire, with a Pregnant woman flowing the ‘Energuy’. “We’re not going to go around the pot for too long: we’ve come to break down the meadow,” it sounded from the podium.

unlit gasoline

That also seemed to be on the public’s agenda, at the expense of the more thoughtful tracks of the Brussels foursome. Iconic city portraits like ‘Yellow Blocks’ or the sizzling new ‘Swamp’ come colorfully to life in headphones, but at the last daylight on the main stage they vanished like unlit petrol. In short: Couleur Café was less interested in the poetry of ‘two Eastern blockers in a Tiguan’ than in the sledgehammer of ‘gijse dirty dirty fucking son of a whore’, with the accompanying blazing bass in ‘Frontal’.

Nitrogen also realized that. If the pogo doesn’t come to Pregnant Guy, Pregnant Guy will come to the pogo, the rapper thought. He organized the moshpit at ‘Everything broken’ as an accomplished devotional. When that worked, Nitrogen just played that track twice. ‘Ambras’ was also allowed to make his appearance again. If you really want to be heard, don’t be afraid to tap the same nail a second time. Nitrogen knocked it loose in the lock through the shelf.

Nitrogen (***), seen on 26/6 at Couleur Café.