Coulibaly: Wait for Geraldo .. Zamalek defender and the best happy .. And I think of retirement


An experience that lasted only months ended with the departure of Mali defender Salif Coulibaly from Ahli after the start of the Red Defense leadership at a difficult time the age of the club century.

Coulibaly and Al Ahli came in a defensive stand and played down their Champions League team with a new technical apparatus amidst many management crises and disagreements.

And amid support and opposition to the technical return of the financial giant and the extent of his testimony to the red, but he was respected by the supporters of his club for his performance and dedication and defense of the colors of the team and he knows his departure to the extent to which he received a tribute from Uruguayan Martin Lasarte Smouha match.

Yalla Koura held a lengthy dialogue with the financial defender after he was honored at a farewell party held by the audience and members of Al Ahli Club:

Did you expect the experiment to end so quickly?
I wished I would continue in Al Ahly until I stopped playing football. I wished I would be part of the next project and I had a chance under the changes that took place, but in the end it was football.

Were you subjected to injustice?
Yes, I have suffered injustice in Ahli but football is generally unfair, I felt love here and I am part of this place and separation is difficult, talk to me and I am honored I did not notice the same during my football career and all that I spent here only 6 months, I just thought that This concert for me was possible after winning the tournaments and not for the club.

Coulibaly has performed very well, maybe he will give you some offers from other Egyptian clubs?
I decided my decision, I will not play in Egypt except for Ahli.

Even if you get a bid from Zamalek or Pyramids?
I told you that I will not play in Egypt except for Ahli only.

Martin Lasarte praised your abilities in the face of Smouha What if the management of the club thought to loan you back in the summer?
I will leave for the final sale and not loan, I have provided here and the technical opinion my exit from the team now, and I think of quitting final summer next, the closest to stop football without 6 months.

If you are asked to return in the summer, you will refuse?
I will not go back to Egypt

Is your performance in the Smouha match and then Vitaklub caused you have a glimmer of hope to stay?
No, I played with honor for Ahli and his fans and respect for myself and my profession.

Do you think Smouha is the best match for you?
No, the Township match is the best, this is my best match with Al Ahly and the goal I scored is the best and the best, we have reversed our position in this group upside down.

Where will you play in the coming period?
The Iraqi police, the offer is distinguished from the material point of view and let me be frank with you in this period that precedes my stop and in light of my inability to play African championships with Al-Ahli, the article is No. 1.

What will you go to after retirement?
I have not decided yet, but I will go to the United States of America to live there.

Can you start from Mali your hometown towards the fields related to the ball?
In Mali there is no football.

Do you think that the overthrow of Cartieron caused your departure?
In short, Al Ahly needed to support his defense quickly. Cartier knew my abilities and would not need a period to explore the situation and hence the encounter.

So you agree that Cartier's departure is the reason?
The change is in itself the reason, a coach who is a believer in your abilities is different from a new coach who comes under difficult circumstances and is covered by a list and technical needs. Of course I have excellent relations with Carterone and he always supports me even after my departure from Al Ahly. He is a wonderful person who worked in difficult circumstances and only 180 minutes. .

Do you mean exposure to injustice is the other?
The circumstances were tough and Cameron came alone. This is not happening so much now, even in Egypt, but the situation is different now and there are significant reinforcements.

Did you find the same support from the auxiliary device that went on with my family?
Sami shirts talked to me, a good coach and has a great future in the world of training, I felt his ability to analysis and follow-up but what he lacks only talk.

I have already been in the center of the defensive. Did I tell my club in particular, in light of Ahli's desire to support this center?
Yes, I have already run this center with the Djoliba Financial Club. I have not told the technical staff that they did not even ask me for my experience at this center.

Who called you Nigolo Canti?
I heard him now, I was a great player and I think that the similarities in our typography cause the analogy with the length difference of course

You are not the financial player you played for the red but you are the first professional defender to play for the red Do you know that?
I learned that the citizens of Haider Abu Bakr preceded me, but I know Eliasou, the former Egyptian defender, Abdel Rahman Traore, the former Isma'ili playmaker and Ismail Coulibaly, and I think that this financial trio is one of the best professionals who came to Egypt.

What about professional defenders in the league?
Egyptian defender Mohamed Koffi is the best and has a wide experience in the Egyptian league and built his reputation of participating in the midfield and then returned to defense and is distinct in the air games.

Is he the best defender in the league?
No, I think Zamalek defender Mahmoud Ala is the best and he's doing a good season and helping his team score goals.

Who is the best in Ahli?
Saad Samir, Saad helped me a lot off the pitch and I got along very well with him. I think we were an understanding duo.

And your other friends?
Everyone but the closest to me is Junior Ajaye although it is a constraint on my account but it is my friend.

Speaking of Saad, who is currently suffering from injury, what is your explanation of the injuries that hit the players now?
My point of view is to change the technical devices. In a short period I worked with three technical devices, each with a philosophy and a special load plan.

Coulibaly has played many games with Al-Ahly who is the toughest competitor?
Al-Ittihad of Alexandria lost the match 4-3 and Khaled Kamar, Razak Cisse and Banhini gave a good game. This is the toughest game.

The best player in Egypt?
Abdullah Al-Saeed is the best player, he plays the ball with a passer-by and passes it anywhere and accurately, he's a fun player.

Who comes behind the happy?
Yousef Obama in Zamalek is one of the most prominent players in the league and the African striker – he says Kasongo – has speed and is dangerous to any defense.

What about the Ahli striker?
Marwan, Azaro and Amr Jamal are completely different, Marwan inside the penalty area is strong and fierce and he does not have speed and is dangerous outside. Azaro has speed and is dangerous from anywhere but does not end the attacks the way he should. Amr Gamal has many advantages but his mentality has put him in this position. Means the waiting list).

What is your assessment of Al Ahly's new deals?
Geraldo is a great player, very fast and I expect Al Ahly to be very good, Ramadan Sobhi Mahari and a starting point for the attacks and just needs to finish them, so Al Shahat has great skill and unexpected moves.

Who is the best financial player?
Of course our legend Frederic Omar Kanoute and now there is a young man coming in a strong name, Didi Samasiku midfielder Red Bull Salzburg Austrian.

Is Omar Kanoute your favorite striker?
Away from my country, I see Ghanaian Asamoah Gyan is the best striker I've ever met in my football career and chance to meet in my first international match against Mali.

The best defender?
Habib Kolo Toure, who left Africa for Arsenal and played with giants in Arsenal and in England, I think he has the best career of an African defender, and Wael Gomaa, who has played great years with Al Ahli and Egypt.

Salah the best or Opaming at the moment?
Salah plays on the wing and Obameng in the attack, a very fast Salah looks like a Ferrari and offers a great performance. You talk about one of the top 3 players in the world, Opaming is doing great today and I think he is losing a lot.

What would you like to say in the end?
I wish that the end to retire here, I want to thank the audience Ahli for what they did for me and I will always remember him.

Coulibaly 's message to Al – Ahli fans



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