Council denied in first debate the budget of Medellín for 2022

Mayor Daniel Quintero may appeal the decision to the corporation’s plenary session.

The first and second committees of the Council denied this Tuesday in the first debate the draft agreement 074, by means of which the general budget of Medellín for the term 2022 was established.

Those who voted yes to the initiative presented by the administration were councilors Lucas Cañas, Fabio Rivera, Jaime Cuartas, Babinton Flórez, Aura Marleny Arcila, and the newly elected Carlos Romero.

Dora Saldarriaga, Alfredo Ramos, Daniel Carvalho, Daniel Duque, Sebastián López and Simón Molina voted negatively. Faced with the new guideline that prohibits their participation, councilors Nataly Vélez, Lina Gañán and Paulina Aguinaga could not participate in the vote.

Why was it denied if there were 6-6 left? According to article 56 of the internal regulations of the Council of Medellín, in the event of a tie in the vote of a draft agreement, a second vote will be taken in the same or in a subsequent session, as deemed by the plenary. In the latter case, it will be stated on the agenda that it is a second vote. If this time there is a tie again, it will be understood that what is being discussed has been denied, which was what happened this Tuesday.

In the case of a draft agreement, it will be understood to be denied and it will be filed. Mayor Daniel Quintero may appeal the decision to the corporation’s plenary session.

The mayor’s office proposed an initial amount, including the central level and public establishments, of $ 6.5 billion, 6.6% more than the initial budget proposed and approved for 2021, which was $ 6.1 billion.

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This money is part of the commitment that the greatest possible social investment will be made within the next year, for which, in this initial proposal it was established that of the $ 6.5 billion, almost 80% will go to this item.

After knowing the decision, the Secretary of the Treasury, Óscar de Jesús Hurtado Pérez, said: “The administration will insist on this budget. We don’t like the fiscal dictatorship, we don’t like a budget by decree. We are going to insist before democracy, before the Council and before the votes that are sacred to each one of the councilors ”.

Hurtado added: “This is the decision we have made as an administration (appeal), Tomorrow we will file the letter requesting that a project be reconsidered by the Corporation that we continue to defend because it is historical. We can review the numbers – secretariat by secretariat, project by project. Many questionnaires were received and we answered them all explaining the projects and we are willing to continue reviewing them ”.

Councilor Fabio Humberto Rivera said that it is the first time that he has been denied a budget project, while Daniel Carvalho justified his negative vote: “it is not a historical budget in terms of environment and culture. That’s why it’s my negative feedback. I don’t see how to explain to the public that the more money we have, the less money we put into portfolios as important as environment and culture ”.