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The Council of the Central Council of Jews is meeting in Frankfurt am Main this Sunday. The highest decision-making body of the Central Council meets once a year, adopts the budget and discusses current and fundamental issues of the Jewish community in Germany.

Every four years, the council elects three members to the executive committee of the central council, and six members are delegated from the board of directors. The Executive Committee then elects the President and the two Vice-Presidents from among its members.

tenure Josef Schuster, elected head of the Central Council in 2014 and confirmed in office in 2018, is aiming for a third term as President of the Central Council. In an interview with our newspaper, Schuster said he has enjoyed the office for the past eight years and feels that the work has been successful: “I would like to continue the efforts to further develop Jewish life in Germany.”

The board of directors consists of representatives sent by the member and state associations. It monitors the activities of the Executive Committee and elects the Managing Director. While the Board of Directors meets four to six times a year, the Council meets once a year, on the last Sunday in November. The regional associations and large municipalities of the Central Council send one delegate for every 1,000 municipality members to the council meeting. and

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