Counter-Strike: Global Offensive takes Battle Royale mode and can be played for free -

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valve's aging but increasingly popular online first-person shooter, is now playable for free. But not only that! Also, a new Battle Royale mode called Danger Zone has just been introduced.

Of course, this is not Counter-Strike's first fight with free-to-play. Valve has already released the free edition of the game in September, although this version only allowed players to compete against bots. The entire company should be a means for newcomers to familiarize themselves with the weapons and maps of Counter-Strike.

However, Valve's new free-to-play release is a real challenge and offers free access to the entire Counter-Strike experience: global offensive, multiplayer and all.

Who needs a glider if you have a little rope?

According to Valve, all players who purchased the game prior to the upgrade will receive a free upgrade of the account to Prime Status (normally $ 14.99). Prime Status players are matched with other players and are eligible for the exclusive Danger Zone souvenir MP5-SD | allows lab rats – gained by gaining XP in Danger Zone mode – and the new Danger Zone Case, which features 17 community-designed weapons, as well as the rare Horizon knives.

And for Danger Zone itself, Valve describes it as a "fast-paced Battle Royale game mode based on CS: GO's tactical gameplay, where players battle their way through the mind, skill, and resources." It has a map, blacksite and modes for solos, duos and trios, with 16 players per 10-minute game in the former and 18 players in both team modes.

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