Countries tighten corona rules, Vienna calls for a uniform line

“Vienna will continue on the path of security in the interests of the health of the population,” says Ludwig. That probably means: The federal government is too gentle, it would have needed more protection for the population from this side earlier.

According to reports, this point of view is shared by one or the other ÖVP country chief. Hermann Schützenhöfer, Governor of Styria, and his colleague Günther Platter in Tyrol are said to have let it sound like this.

Nevertheless, one does not want to rest in the federal capital. A further increase in the number of infections is to be expected – also in Vienna, says Ludwig. The forecasts are clear. What can I do about it? Appropriate protective measures and a high vaccination rate.

Mückstein against Kickl

The latter sees the Green Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein in danger through the actions of the FPÖ. Most recently, party leader Herbert Kickl again pointed out the effectiveness of drugs and trace elements against corona.