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As of 01.07.2020 09:44 a.m. – NDR 1 Lower Saxony

The country wants to enable four additional open Sundays to strengthen retail. (Subject image)

In order to stimulate the economy in the Corona crisis, Lower Saxony wants to approve four open Sundays between August and November. That reports NDR 1 Lower Saxony. The aim of the measure is to revitalize the city centers, said Economics Minister Bernd Althusmann (CDU). In addition, open Sundays could alleviate the need somewhat in view of the impending bankruptcy wave in retail.



NDR Info

NDR Info

The Bundestag has decided on the stimulus package and thus a reduction in VAT. The transition is a challenge for retailers. Video (01:30 min)

Exceptionally open Sundays without a reason

Normally, a Sunday that is open for sales must be linked to a special occasion – such as a city festival or a trade fair. Since such events cannot currently take place due to the corona restrictions, Althusmann wants to make the Sundays open for sale possible without a specific reason. In this way, a signal should be set.

Ver.di announces resistance

The minister is currently in talks with churches, unions and trade to find a common path. However, it is currently questionable that this will succeed, because there is massive resistance from the ver.di union. Open Sundays could neither boost consumption nor prevent bankruptcies, said ver.di country chief Detlef Ahting. It refers to the special protection of Sundays in the Basic Law. Open Sundays would use large chains in particular, but not small shops. The union does not rule out lawsuits if the shops are allowed to open on Sundays without a specific reason.

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06/10/2020 04:00 p.m.

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NDR Info

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