A group of about 400 people, 30 tractors and 35 SUVs, according to data provided by the Government Subdelegation in Jaén, has cut the A-312, passing through Navas de San Juan (Jaén), to protest low oil prices at source. Also in Villargordo all accesses to the town from the A-6000 remain collapsed with the presence of tractors.

The cut has occurred in the morning. There have also been cuts on the A-306, in Porcuna and on other roads in the province.

These protests have coincided with the day lived in 97 municipalities in the province with concentrations convened by COAG, UPA, Asaja, Agro-food Cooperatives and Infaoliva.

The University, workers, educational centers and town halls have joined the Jaén protest. Even so, agrarian organizations have unmarked themselves from the road cut.

Outside the planned calls, a group of farmers and ranchers from the Los Montes region in Ciudad Real has cut the N-430 road, in response to a particular initiative that emerged through social networks.

With these actions, the agricultural sector begins the fifth week of the protests called by the Asaja, COAG and UPA organizations throughout Spain, with the slogan “Farmers to the limit”, to claim fair prices and alert on the profitability problems of the field.


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