Coupe de France: The numbers you must know before Les Herbiers-Chambly


Sébastien Flochon and the Herbiers will try to enter the history of the Vendée and national football, this Tuesday evening. – JEAN-SEBASTIEN EVRARD / AFP
This Tuesday evening (21:05), Les Herbiers and Chambly play a place in the final of the Coupe de France in La Beaujoire, Nantes.
An unusual duel at this stage of the competition with amazing numbers concerning both formations.

There will be a very happy and a very unfortunate this Tuesday night at the Beaujoire . Who herbaria or Chambly will be at the Stade de France on Tuesday, May 8th? The two teams, residents of National, compete for a place in the final of the Coupe de France. An unexpected duel at this stage of the competition that highlights non-standard figures.

36,000 (spectators). The match will be played at closed counters . Places went off like hotcakes. 1,200 fans from Chambly make the trip. This affluence is a record for a match that will pit two teams that evolve in the National Championship. The former record was held by the meeting between Strasbourg and Colomiers in 2014 – 2015, for a day of competition in National. 27,820 spectators had moved to the Meinau that night.

A little more than 1.490 million euros. This is the total minimum amount that one of the two National clubs will receive after the final of the Coupe de France. Explanations. To get here, Les Herbiers and Chambly have already received 550,000 euros. The winner tonight will pocket 560,000 euros. The finalist will receive 380,000 euros. 550,000 + 560,000 + 380,000 = 1,490 million euros in case of defeat on 8 May. On the other hand, if successful for Herbarium or Chambly in the final against Caen or PSG, the club of National would receive an endowment of 930,000 euros! That would be the jackpot: 550,000 + 560,000 + 930,000 = just over 2 million euros. We obviously do not count all the recipes …

Barely 2 million euros. This is the budget of both National clubs. If successful (in case of a miracle) at the Stade de France on May 8, one of the two clubs could receive the equivalent of its budget!

102 journalists. It’s more than for the last Nantes-PSG at La Beaujoire! Eighty-seven journalists will be in the press gallery and 25 photographers around the lawn (87 + 25 = 102). In comparison, 65 journalists will take place in the Michel-D’Ornano stadium press room for Caen-PSG and 16 photographers, 81 journalists in all.

26,000. This is the number of inhabitants of the two municipalities / cities combined. In Chambly, small town of the Oise, one counts 10.000 inhabitants whereas there are 16.000 Herbretais in the Vendean city .

11 mounted in twenty-five years. An amazing journey. The formation of Chambly has gone from the last departmental division to the third level of French football (National) in a quarter of a century. In 1989, the Oise club evolved into the 5th District Division and reached the National in 2014!

2,500 The average salary (in euros) of Herbarium players. This is also the average salary in this National Championship.

16. The number of buses that will leave Les Herbiers (at 17:30) to rally Nantes and stadium Beaujoire this Tuesday afternoon (against 10 in the quarterfinals). Twelve will leave Chambly and Beauvais.

4.3%. This is the unemployment rate at Herbiers, in the last quarter of 2017. Many media have highlighted this full employment in this Vendean city since the beginning of the epic. In France, the unemployment rate is 9.2% (in the same quarter).

More than 400,000. This is the number of views displayed below the clip’s video. Philippe Katerine . The artist from Chantonnay (Vendée) lent his support to the Vendeen club of Herbarium in a clip published on Youtube in mid-April. At the same time, the singer Francis Lalanne went there from his song, which was watched / listened a little over 42,000 times. Les Herbiers 1 – Chambly 0. The score of tomorrow?

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