Coupe Prodrive P25 became the most expensive type of Impreza

The legendary Subaru Impreza WRC rally car turns 25: the first cars hit the racetracks in 1997. The British company Prodrive was engaged in the development and construction of those cars, and now, in honor of the anniversary, it has prepared the fastest and most advanced version of the first generation Impreza. The new model, called the Prodrive P25, was the reincarnation of the 1998 Subaru Impreza 22B STi coupe, which was actually a road version of a rally car.

Subaru Impreza 22B STi 1998 года

Restomod was developed by Prodrive technical director David Lapworth and designer Peter Stevens, who worked on the WRC racing Impreza in the nineties. However, the new Prodrive P25 sports car is not built from scratch. Based on the chassis and bodywork of the original Subaru Impreza WRX coupe, both the serial number and the road rating have been retained. But everything else is actually done anew.

The body is much lighter. The hood, roof, all four wings, trunk lid, sills, mirror housings, bumpers and rear wing are made of carbon fiber. A number of minor elements are from other composites. Instead of a lead-acid battery, a compact lithium-ion battery is installed. The salon is four-seater, but the door trim and seat frames are carbon fiber. The same material is used for some panels, and a display with custom graphics is installed instead of standard instruments. As a result, the curb weight of the Prodrive P25 coupe does not exceed 1200 kg: this is 70 kg less than the factory model Impreza 22B STi.

Instead of a 2.2 turbo engine with 280 hp. and a five-speed gearbox, Prodrive has prepared a new powertrain. It is based on a modern 2.5-liter Subaru turbo engine, but pistons, connecting rods, gaskets and the entire gas distribution mechanism with phase shifters have been replaced. A Garrett turbocharger and an Akrapovic exhaust system made of steel and titanium are installed. The output of the new motor exceeds 400 hp. and 600 Nm.

The gearbox is a six-speed sequential with paddle shifters and semi-automatic shifting: gear changes take only 80 milliseconds. There is a racing launch control, in which the first three gears are switched in fully automatic mode, and acceleration to “hundreds” takes less than 3.5 seconds. There are several driving modes of electronics and anti-lag. Four-wheel drive – with an adjustable center differential, but a separate clutch can turn off the rear wheel drive when using a hydraulic handbrake. There is also a civilian electric parking brake. Cross-axle differentials – self-locking front and rear.

The chassis with McPherson struts “in a circle” retained the fundamental architecture, but all suspension elements were made from scratch: the track was expanded, the geometry was revised. The Prodrive P25 has Bilstein dampers with separate compression and rebound damping, and base springs and anti-roll bars matched to pavement. Brakes AP Racing – with six-piston mechanisms on the front axle and four-piston on the rear, discs – with a diameter of 380 mm and 350 mm, respectively. Standard tires are Bridgestone Potenza 235/35 R19.

The first prototype of the Prodrive P25 coupe will be shown at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, which will take place this week. But sea trials have not yet been completed, so the production of commercial vehicles will begin towards the end of the year. The Prodrive factory in Banbury will produce 25 of these sports cars. The price of each is 460 thousand pounds sterling. That is, it is also the most expensive Impreza in history, because even collectible Subaru Impreza 22B STi cars are now being sold at auctions for “only” 200-300 thousand dollars.