Couple as 15th contestant! Mohanlal announces first wild card

Mohanlal announces first wild card entry in Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 Last season, two people like Abhirami and Amrita appeared as a single contestant. But this time it’s just a couple. The wild card entry is film and television star and dancer Feroz Khan and his wife, actress and model Sajina Feroz. Bigg Boss is the first couple to appear in Malayalam as a Couples contestant.

Feroz is one of the most recognizable faces of Malayalees on television. Feroz gained a lot of fans through his prank show ‘Dangerous Boys’ on Asianet Plus. Feroz, who has also acted in films, played the lead role in VM Vinu’s Mammootty film Face to Face.

Both are coming to the Bigg Boss platform with high hopes. Feroz says that Sajina sees Bigg Boss in all languages. The two arrive after seeing Bigg Boss in the first week. “The 14 people there are not retailers. They all have a master plan.

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