Couple spends pension on ship – because it is cheaper than living on land

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Created: 05/24/2022, 09:19 am

Von: Franziska Kaindl


Life on the cruise ship is apparently cheaper for a retired couple than owning their own home. (symbol image) © Imago

Spend your retirement on the high seas – a couple from Seattle are making this dream come true. They calculated that a cruise life would be cheaper for them.

“This is how I want to spend my retirement,” American Angelyn Burk decided loudly Washington Post, when she did some numbers last year. The former accountant has long dreamed of spending her old age on cruise ships. She and her husband Richard had already been at sea ten times, the first voyage taking place in 1992. When I reached for the calculator, the big surprise came: In fact, it would be cheaper for them to spend their retirement on the big ocean liners than keep their home in Seattle. The 53-year-old accountant retired at the end of last year – her husband followed in March. And soon they want to spend most of their time cruising.

Retirement on a cruise: It’s paying off for an American couple

“We calculated that with what we saved, we can live quite well on around $100 a day“, so Richard according to the Washington Post. That’s the equivalent of around 95 euros. The couple spends more than $3,500 a month on their home in Seattle. This includes expenses for the mortgage, internet, electricity, property taxes and insurance – not including costs for groceries, transport, entertainment and other expenses of daily living. However, unexpected additional costs are not to be expected on the cruise ship, according to Angelyn: “The price is the price.” Her husband agrees, “Living on a cruise ship gives you your room, your meals, the built-in entertainment, and the ability to go to different places.”

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Last fall, the couple tested their retirement plan by taking a nine-day trip from Miami to the Bahamas, followed by a seven-day trip from Long Beach, California to the Mexican Riviera, and then a 21-day cruise from Fort Lauderdale through the Panama Canal Vancouver spent. The next cruise is planned for July – and after that the couple travels almost continuously for nine months. During their short stays in the country, they want to visit family and friends and stay in Airbnbs and hotels, most of which they take with them credit card points pay. Even with the cruises, the Burks can already because of their many trips Bonus programs take advantage of them, through which they receive further discounts on their trips, as they reported to CNN.

Cruise retirement comes with a lot of hassle

Nevertheless, retirement on a cruise is associated with stress, according to Angelyn Burk: “We are actually constantly online and are looking for the cheapest prices from the cruise companies and what trips are on offer.” Nevertheless, the effort is worth it: “It is as if you were At home. We have a great living room, a wonderful dining room, and you never have to service the hot tub yourself.” Three of her five children currently live in her Seattle home, paying for the mortgage and other expenses. The old home will soon be sold. (fk)