“Couple’s 30-year belief in lucky stars finally pays off with EuroMillions My Million win”

Some intuitions are so strong that we firmly believe in them. This couple will not say otherwise, because they have always believed in their lucky stars and finally, she sent them a sign! Indeed, after thirty years of playing Loto and EuroMillions, the reward falls. The duo became millionaires on March 7, 2023 thanks to their My Million code: KL 200 9176 while playing in the Hérault at Pouzols.

EuroMillions My Million draw of March 7, 2023 in detail

For this Euromillions My Million draw on Tuesday March 7, the pressure around a prize pool of 143 million euros was enormous and more than 34 million cards were played all over Europe. During this draw, a grid in Belgium made a big winner for 144.9 million euros, a gain that is still a record for the year 2023 but which did not make anyone very lucky in France.

Fortunately, this Euromillions evening was naturally accompanied by a My Million draw which in turn rewarded this couple of players from Pouzols, who became richer by 1 million euros thanks to their My Million code. Since the beginning of the year, more than 40 players have been drawn for the My Million raffle, which is enough to satisfy players in France who always have an additional chance of becoming a millionaire after having taken part in a draw. the Euromillions.

“The winning numbers of the Euromillions draw and the My Million code for March 7, 2023.”

Players loyal to the FDJ for three decades!

When you have a belief, you have to go to the end of things. This couple who lives in Pouzols validated their game ticket in the tobacconist located at 5 place du marché understood it well and did everything possible to ensure that the big day arrived!

📣 “I always had the intuition that I would have the chance to win a nice sum of money, but I didn’t know when! », entrusts one of the people with great joy.

Would they have applied the logic of the law of attraction which puts a link between thoughts and reality? In any case, the result of the March 7 draw is formal, the couple won 1 million euros and are about to start a new chapter in their lives.

Obviously, this is only the fruit of chance that resonated for them on the evening of March 7. If for some players it is necessary to wait like this couple from Hérault for more than 30 years before winning a jackpot, for others, only a few grids are enough to bring down a huge gain. As with health, the chance of gambling does not obey any rules except that of luck.

The Pouzols café / press where the Euromillions My Million winning grid was played on March 7, 2023.The Pouzols café / press where the Euromillions My Million winning grid was played on March 7, 2023.
“The Pouzols bar / tobacconist located on the Place du Marché where the Euromillions winning grid was validated. »

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