Court orders the Treasury to pay $120 million to actor Hugo Medina for torture during the Dictatorship | TV and show

The actor suffered torture in the Buin Regiment in 1973 and then in the former Public Prison, until 1975. Later he went into exile.

The Court of Appeals of Santiago ordered the Treasury to pay 120 million pesos to the actor Hugo Medina, for moral damage. This is related to the torture he received during the dictatorship.

The artist was arrested on November 20, 1973 by State agents, and subjected to torture in the Buin Regiment and later admitted to the former public jail, a penal facility where he remained until January 22, 1975, the date on which He regained his freedom to go into exile, with a 10-year ban on returning to the country.

Ruling favorable to Hugo Medina

The ruling was adopted by the ministers Graciela Gómez, Carolina Brengi and the member lawyer Eduardo Jequier.

“Regarding the first aspect, this Court agrees with the ruling on appeal, with the reasoning and considerations in order that the compensation for non-pecuniary damage requested in this way is compatible with the benefits and payments already received by the plaintiff, in under the aforementioned regulations, since this action is intended to mitigate the individual damage of the affected party, that is, to demand their own damage, which translates into pain, anguish and suffering experienced by the actor, as a result of the period in which He was detained in which he was subjected to torture and harassment by State agents,” they stated.

“Since the damage caused must be fully repaired, the amount determined must be paid with readjustments in accordance with the variation experienced by the Consumer Price Index applied since the present sentence was enforced, plus current interest for readjustable credit operations, from the date on which the defendant incurs in default, due to the declarative nature of this ruling”, they added.

This situation occurs at the moment that Hugo Medina is getting ready to be part of the new Mega teleseries, called Game of Illusions.

In that production, the 79-year-old actor will play a character named Nadir Nazir, a businessman and father of the protagonist Mariana Nazir (Carolina Arregui).