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Wien. After the affair about post-staff chats, the presidents of all four higher regional courts are calling for only the (specialist) proposals of the staff senates to be used when appointing judges in future.

According to a joint statement by Katharina Lehmayer (Vienna Higher Regional Court), Erich Dietachmair (Linz Higher Regional Court) and Michael Schwanda (Graz Higher Regional Court), public confidence in the impartiality of independent judiciary is an essential element for the functioning of the judiciary in a democratic constitutional state ) and Klaus Schröder (Higher Regional Court of Innsbruck).

An essential component for a judiciary that is also externally perceived as independent and impartial are the proposals to be made by the staff senates for filling the judicial positions, in which elected judges are in the majority.

Closing the last gap

With the exception of the permanent posts of the President and Vice-Presidents of the Supreme Court on the one hand and those for candidate judges on the other, such proposals for appointments are planned in Austria without exception.

On the occasion of the current discussions, the presidents of the four higher regional courts are now calling for a rapid change in the law with the aim of involving the personnel senates to make proposals for appointments in the areas mentioned – president and vice-president of the Supreme Court and candidate judges.

“Furthermore, we support the demands that the appointing body – Federal President or Federal Minister of Justice – be bound to the appointment proposals of the independent judicial staff senates for all judicial permanent positions,” says the broadcast. The OGH also sees things similarly in terms of the composition of its presidents and vice-presidents.