Courtney Love accuses Olivia Rodrigo of plagiarism

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    Nowadays, it seems that everything is invented and it is impossible for something to surprise us and make a difference. However, Olivia Rodrigo has achieved it with her album ‘Sour’, whose songs star in almost all the Instagram stories you see every day, right? It is clear that a star has been born, and that implies the occasional controversy, such as the last one in which it has been involved, started by Courtney Love herself.

    Apparently, the singer of ‘Hole’ has accused Oliva of plagiarism for the cover of his latest album. In it, she appears in a prom dress, a bouquet of flowers, a tiara and mascara moved from having cried, a version very similar to that of ‘Live Through This’, one of Courtney’s group albums.

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    The artist has not hesitated to show this evidence through her social networks, accompanying the photo of the young woman with the message: “Find the difference. #Twins.” And the wink and princess emojis have not been lacking. Forgives?

    It is a somewhat ambiguous message, because it seems that everything is going well, but in reality it is a quite serious accusation and in public, since it is a photo in the ‘feed’ that remains permanently.

    How could it be otherwise, Olivia has reacted to this photo in the best possible way, commenting: “I love you very much, you and ‘Live Through This”. And yes, there has been a response from Courtney: “Olivia, it’s okay. My favorite florist is in Notting Hill, London. Write me for more details! Looking forward to reading your letter.”

    We don’t really know how to interpret this message. How would you take it?

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