CoV vaccinations in indoor swimming pools –

Vienna vaccinates

The City of Vienna is expanding the range of low-threshold vaccination campaigns. Before the end of this week, vaccinations will also be carried out in five indoor swimming pools that are currently closed. This should also further increase the vaccination coverage.

By the end of the week, the City of Vienna wants to achieve an important milestone in terms of the vaccination coverage: In Vienna, over 70 percent should be immunized with a first stitch. In addition, the vaccination capacity will be expanded: In five Viennese baths, which are currently closed due to the lockdown, vaccination lanes are to be set up this week.

Around 5,000 vaccinations possible in baths

In the Amalienbad in Favoriten and in the Brigittenauer Bad, i.e. in districts where the vaccination rate is lowest in Vienna at around 60 percent, a vaccination option will be created this week, according to the department of Health Councilor Peter Hacker (SPÖ) to “Radio Wien” . In addition, you will also be able to get vaccinated against corona in the Theresienbad, Jörgerbad and Floridsdorferbad.

A goal of vaccination coverage of 70 percent

A total of 5,040 stitches should be possible in the bathrooms. In addition, the capacities at existing vaccination stations in Millennium City and at Reumannplatz will be expanded. In the last few days the number of first stitches has increased – on Saturday there were 4,760 people who were vaccinated for the first time, three times as many as in October.

If the willingness to vaccinate continues, the chances are good that by the end of the week the target of a vaccination coverage of 70 percent will be achieved, according to the office of City Councilor Hacker.