Covid-19. ″ Opening and closing schools would be disastrous ″, warns Swedish expert

“Taking measures and closing things is really detrimental to confidence and will also have a lot more negative effects than always maintaining some kind of level of measures. Opening and closing schools, for example, would be disastrous.” The warning comes from Sweden, a country that has followed a different strategy to combat the pandemic.

In statements to the Observer, the Sunday edition of Guardian, the chief epidemiologist of the Public Health Agency of that country, Anders Tegnell, was against recent restrictive measures, such as those taken in the United Kingdom or Norway, to re-impose quarantine restrictions or to re-advise citizens not to travel after an increase in cases of infection.

“We try to put in place measures that are sustainable over time, instead of jumping from an extremely high level of measures to nowhere,” said Tegnell.

While the measures set by the Swedish authorities were certainly the least restrictive on the planet – social distance and teleworking and schools for those over 16 without face-to-face classes – Sweden maintained the same measures in force while other countries lifted restrictions as of April and ended up going back.

The Swedish strategy, which tried to reconcile economic activity with the control of the pandemic, was highly controversial for international observers. And it also ended up being a topic of national debate in June, when the country came to have, for a short period of time, the mortality rate per capita highest in the world.

The leader of the Swedish Democratic populists called for the resignation of the chief epidemiologist due to the high number of deaths, which stands at 5,763, when his neighbors Denmark, Norway and Finland together total 1204 deaths.


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