Covid-19: 14-year-old boy died from the virus this week – Health

This Thursday the Ministry of Health and Social Protection published a new report on the epidemiological situation of the country in which it reported that covid-19 infections during the week amounted to 3,252 new cases.

In total from November 25 to December 1, 31,807 tests were processed
14,968 by PCR and 16,839 by antigen. Likewise, The entity reported the death of 16 people, including a minor under 14 years of age from Fortul, Arauca.

Most of the new cases were registered in Bogotá and Valle del Cauca, for a total of 3,582 active cases. For this reason, the health authority has decided to resume the vaccination process continuously.

The entity made some recommendations regarding the special events that are currently taking place in the country such as the circulation of the new subvariant of omicron BQ.1 -popularly known by the name of ‘hound of hell’-, the winter wave and the increase in cases of seasonal respiratory viruses.

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In this regard, it was learned that on November 21, the National Institute of Health (INS) confirmed the presence of subvariant BQ.1; In addition, the genomic surveillance report showed its presence in 34.6% of new infections in Colombia. The greatest increase in cases in this regard is expected to occur in early December.

“We have seen that the panorama of covid-19 in the country has changed. We have some new variants that are worldwide, such as BQ.1, in addition to respiratory diseases of the influenza type, respiratory syncytial virus and some adenoviruses that are currently going through the winter in the country,” reported William Alberto Robles Fonnegra. , deputy director of Communicable Diseases of this health portfolio.

The deputy director of Communicable Diseases reported that, currently, in the country “there are 12 million vaccines against covid-19 available for those who want to start, complete schemes and apply their reinforcements.” And he recalled that “no more than six months should pass between the application of one booster and the next.”

He also added that, “at this moment we only have 7% of the population with second reinforcements. We must all get vaccinated to spend a safe Christmas and year-end festivities for us and ours “.

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