Covid-19: After all, multimillionaires also have souls – Dozens of the super-rich want to set an example for those who have a lot and do nothing

To prevent their gigantic fortunes and their assets, cars, planes, mansions, factories, investments from being bright spots in the wreckage and ashes of the crisis that the planet is going through in the wake of the pandemic of the new coronavirus, these 83 super-rich wrote a letter in which they make public that they want the governments of their countries to charge them more taxes, so that this extra money will serve to strengthen support for those who are struggling to stay afloat from a sea of ​​pandemic difficulties.

They call themselves “Millionaires with humanity” and among them are Abigail Disney, heir to Humanity’s dream maker, Walt Disney, Jerry Greenfield, who was the founder of the American multinational ice cream and other refreshing sweets, Ben and Jerry’s, or the director of the gigantic hedgefund, BlackRock Inc., Morris Pearl, or Djaffar Shalchi, an Iranian entrepreneur …

And they want their governments, they write in the letter, “to raise taxes for very wealthy people, immediately, permanently and substantially”, because although they are not distributing food from door to door, they have a lot of money, “lots of money” , which is what those who are at the forefront of fighting the pandemic most need right now.

Written and published to coincide with the G20 meeting scheduled for this weekend, this letter is aimed especially at the governments of countries that most cherish the rich, such as the USA, where taxes on big fortunes have dropped substantially on us. recent years, and it is not the first time that multimillionaires have taken to the road to give up the hands of some of their millions to help, because, before, the so-called “patriotic millionaires”, about 200, some of them part of the two philanthropic groups, had made equal demand.

Returning to their letter, “Millionaires with humanity” recall that millions of people are already in poverty and many millions more may end up in similar difficulties, without health care or work.

“Charity is not a solution”

These millionaires know that “charity is not the solution”, even though many choose to settle their spirits in the face of the growing difficulties of millions of people around the world, defending rather that governments should have the financial means to carry out social policies that respond to the wishes of its people.

“Government leaders must take responsibility to collect the necessary funds and spend them fairly,” the 83 super-rich with soul shoot in this letter, admitting in this curious document that they themselves have “a huge debt to people. who work at the forefront of this global battle “who are often” very poorly paid “for their efforts.

This Covid-19 pandemic, unlike the previously known pandemic diseases, does not appear to recognize social boundaries, even attacking dozens of government leaders around the world, due to its easy transmission, which has led many of these millionaires to seek protection in distant havens, as Novo Jornal also reported, namely in New Zealand, a country located in the South Pacific, known for being one of the most remote geographies from the perspective of a European or American citizen, for example.

And this letter is very clear in its objectives, because right at the beginning of the prose, the 83 conscious rich say that, with the evolution of the pandemic, the richest come to increase their responsibilities around the world, in what is a clear message for the most unequal countries, where the very rich, as a rule, distance themselves from the social problems of their countries, even if their fortunes result from illicit activities.


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