Covid-19: At the start of the school year, 6th grade classes subject to the same protocol as primary school

EDUCATION – Adjustments needed. The Ministry of National Education had to provide details and slightly modified the health protocol applied at the start of the 2021/2022 school year in 6th grade, after questions raised by unions and parents of pupils.

The health protocol detailed on July 28 by Jean-Michel Blanquer stipulates that in college, if a student tests positive in a class, only unvaccinated contact cases will be forced into distance education. In primary school, on the other hand, the whole class closes from the first positive case.

But the application of the instructions posed a problem for the 6th year classes. “How do we deal with 6th year students, some of whom are under 12 and are therefore not eligible for vaccination?” only open from the age of 12, worried AFP Sophie Vénétitay, general secretary of Snes-FSU, the first secondary school union.

The flaw was traced to the Ministry of National Education, which therefore adapted the rule for entering college. It is now similar to that applied in the primary: “There is closure of the class in primary schools and in 6th” if a case of Covid is proven, said this Friday, July 30 Roxana Maracienanu, Minister Delegate to the Minister of National Education, Youth and Sports on LCI.

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“Children, when they arrive in 6th, are only 11 years old for the majority of them. They are 12 years old during the year, or even at the end of the school year. And this is why they are on the same regime as the primary school classes ”, explained the Minister Delegate, adding that certain special cases, for example for children in advance after having skipped a class, will have to be re-specified“ in course ”.

This health protocol, which distinguishes vaccinated from unvaccinated students, has not been particularly well received. Certain unions, as well as the elected representatives of the opposition accused Jean-Michel Blanquer of creating “a two-tier school”. Critics swept away by the ministry which recognizes however that this protocol of second degree isolation is “obviously a strong incentive to be vaccinated”.

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