Covid-19: Australia and Israel impose restrictions in response to the spread of the Indian variety

While restrictions on the Covid-19 pandemic are increasingly being eased in most European countries – Australia and Israel – in response to the spread of the particularly dangerous and contagious Delta, India, steps are being taken to tighten restrictions.

In Israel, where vaccination has been one of the most successful countries in the world, the requirement to wear masks indoors has been renewed since Friday. Similarly, in Australia, in addition to the mandatory wearing of masks, residents are not allowed to leave their homes for two weeks without much need. Residents are also prohibited from moving between regions. This step was taken in response to the spread of the Indian strain, which is unresponsive to vaccines.

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“The portability of the Indian variant is at least twice as high as the previous variants, so we need to prepare for a potentially higher number of cases. It is important to act now. We must all stay home and this requirement will be in place until midnight on Friday, 9 July. We all have to endure two weeks so that the new strain of the virus does not spread further in the community, ”says Gledis Beredjikljan, Prime Minister of New South Wales.

The Indian variety continues to spread in Europe as well. It has already become dominant in Britain. Concerns are also raised in Germany, where the Delta variant has been detected in 15% of cases.