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Mr Matt Hancock and Mrs Gina Claudia Dangelo have been friends since Oxford University.

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock has resigned. A day after a colorful newspaper published a picture of him hugging and kissing a girlfriend who had invited him to work in the office. This is a violation of social distancing measures during the coronavirus outbreak.

“Everyone in this country is working hard to fight the outbreak. The last thing I want to see is the story of my personal life. to divert the solidarity of all who are determined to get us out of this crisis,” Mr Hancock began in a one-page resignation letter sent to Prime Minister Boris Johnson on June 26. this

“I would like to reiterate my apologies for violating the Code. And I apologize to my family and people I love. causing them to be in such a situation. I need to be by my children’s side right now.”

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what happened

The scandal has drawn criticism in England. after the sun The famous tabloid has published a picture on 25 June of Mr. Hancock. Married for 15 years and have three children with his wife, Gina Coladangelo, who is also married, is hugging and kissing passionately. and a friend from Oxford University

The Sun said the photo was taken from within the Ministry of Public Health on May 6. The British government recommends social distancing measures 2 meters in the workplace. to prevent the spread of infection It also happened before the government allowed people from different households to hug on May 17.

After the image was released Mr Hancock admitted to violating epidemic control measures. And sorry to disappoint many people. but also announced that it will continue to perform duties

“I am still committed to working to keep the country free from this epidemic. And I will be very grateful for the privacy you have given to my family regarding this personal issue.”

Prior to his resignation, a spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office said Boris Johnson had accepted Mr Hancock’s apology. and assumed that the matter was over

However, the opposition Labor and Liberal Democrats have all called for Hancock’s dismissal. retire

BBC political correspondent Jonathan Blake said: The incident caused dissatisfaction among Many Conservative Party MPs and a former minister did not think Mr. Hancock will survive this scandal.

Families who lost members from COVID-19 suggesting that the scandal could undermine the government’s efforts to combat the epidemic crisis.

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Mr. Hancock and Mrs. Kola Dangelo While visiting the BBC on 6 June

undermine government confidence

The Justice League for Families who have lost members from the Covid-19 (Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice) in England pointed out that Prime Minister Johnson’s refusal to fire Hancock from office could undermine confidence in the government. The same is true of Dominic Cummings, former chief adviser to Prime Minister Johnson. Violating previous lockdown measures It may also cause people to not be interested in following disease control measures anymore.

The group has called on the British leader to fire Mr Hancock. If he refuses to resign himself with the question whether this Minister of Health will still be considered Are there ‘ethical right people’ to order people to continue to comply with coronavirus control measures?

Ms Ripka Gottlieb from the Justice Group for Families who lost members from COVID-19. In an interview with the BBC, “If he (Mr Hancock) will announce the lockdown again. or other measures. Why should people obey those who do not obey the rules themselves? It was the same case with Mr Cummings.”

In March last year, Mr Cummings drove 260 miles (418 km) from London to Durham. after he and his wife contracted coronavirus Even at that time, the government also announced strict travel restrictions.

Despite Mr Cummings being severely reprimanded by society. But Prime Minister Johnson defended his advisers. Now retired, pointing out that Mr Cummings had “no choice” but to travel.

Ms Gottlieb said people were dissatisfied with Mr Cummings’ actions. and she’s afraid More people will break the rules if Mr Hancock stays in office.

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Professor Stephen Reicher, from the School of Psychology at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, said what caused the Mr Cummings case. “It’s a real danger,” not his actions. Rather, Prime Minister Johnson came out to protect him.

“One person’s improper action has become a problem for the whole system. It gives us the feeling that there is one rule for us. and another rule for them,” said Professor Reicher.

He told the BBC that “In the midst of a great national crisis We need a government we trust. And we need a government that we will listen and obey.”

this latest case It wasn’t just Mr. Johnson who sided with Mr. Hancock. But also other ministers in the government who defended and supported him.

Housing Minister Robert Jenrick In an interview with the BBC, “There is still work to be done. Matt is doing the job. And I think we should let him continue this work.”

double standards?

In May last year, Britain’s leading epidemiologist Professor Neil Ferguson resigned from the government’s scientific advisory group. After news of him breaking lockdown measures as the girl he was dating came to visit him at his home.

At the time, Mr. Hancock said, “Professor Ferguson is an outstanding scientist. And his work has played an important role in giving advice to the government. And I think he made the right decision… resigning.”

When Sky News asked Mr Hancock if he thought Professor Ferguson should stay in the position, he replied: “It’s impossible in this situation.”