Covid-19 Can Cause Eye Damage

Jakarta: Signs such as fever, fatigue and persistent cough may be some of the classic symptoms of COVID-19 related infection. However, this does not mean that this deadly virus does not have other medical complications.

Recently, researchers as reported by Timesofindia have discovered eye abnormalities in patients suffering from the severe covid-19 condition, which may appear unusual but are very common.

According to a recent study published in the medical journal Radiology, severe covid-19 can cause severe eye damage and cause certain eye abnormalities in patients.

Experts from the French Society of Neuroradiology, use MRI scans to detect eye abnormalities in people who have serious Covid-19 infection.

The study performed MRI scans on 129 patients, 9 of whom showed signs of eye abnormalities and 8 of whom had been hospitalized for Covid-19.

The MRI findings projected abnormalities called “nodules” behind their eyes, which could be inflammation or direct damage to the eyes.

Therefore, while COVID-19 requires a certain level of awareness and vigilance, the study suggests eye examinations for everyone with COVID-19. This can include MRI and fundoscopy.

Funduscopy or ophthalmoscopy is part of an eye examination which is considered to be able to accurately detect various serious diseases early.

Although there is still much speculation, researchers are continuing to follow up patients and perform various comprehensive tests and MRIs to address the problem from the start.

In addition, in previous studies Covid-19 has also been linked to other eye problems such as conjunctivitis and people often complain of experiencing eye pain.

Various types of conjunctivitis, such as mucus discharge and sandy eyes associated with bacterial infection, have also surfaced in recent findings.




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