Covid-19 cases increase 25.2% nationwide

This Saturday, in a new report on the situation of the pandemic in the country, the Ministry of Health (Minsal) reported 3,826 new cases of Covid-19 and one 12.96% positivity at the national level.

Nationwide new confirmed cases increase by 25.2% in the last weekwhile in the last 14 days an increase of 64.6% is registered.

Regarding the deaths, according to the information provided by the Department of Statistics and Health Information (Deis) In the last 24 hours, 14 deaths were registered due to causes associated with the disease. With that number, the total number of deaths amounts to 64,379 in the country.

To date, 84 people are hospitalized in Intensive Care Units, of which 59 are supported by mechanical ventilation.

Regarding the Integrated Health Network, it was reported that there is a total of 329 critical beds available for the patient who requires it, regardless of the region where they are located.

From the Minsal they reiterated the availability of sanitary residences, ensuring that there are 3 accommodation facilities with 133 total beds.

For people who do not have the conditions to carry out an effective quarantine at home and, consequently, need to go to a health residence, from the Minsal they request to contact the phone 800 371 900 or enter the website of the ministry at www.minsal .cl.