Covid-19 Cases Slope, Garut Overshadowed by TB and DHF – Covid-19 cases in Garut Regency are currently known to be sloping. As of Monday (1/11) afternoon, from 24,730 cases, 23,456 people were declared cured, 1,171 died, 11 people self-isolated, and 2 people were treated and isolated in hospital.

However, after the Covid-19 case in Garut Regency has escalated, the Secretary of the Garut Regency Health Office, Leli Yuliani, said that his party is now wary of lung diseases caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis (TBC) and dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF).

“Because it rains, we have to anticipate dengue and tuberculosis as well. There are quite a lot of TB, there are additions but it’s just the beginning of the rainy season, it’s still not that big. Yes, it has increased more than the dry season,” said Leli, Monday (1/11).

Leli explained that TB cases were not only caused by the rainy season, but also included transmission from those who suffered. “It’s not treated optimally, it’s not optimal, it’s not up to standard, so it can be transmitted to the closest people,” he explained.

Currently, admitted Leli, his party is currently intensifying the discovery of TB cases in Garut Regency.

“Because we are intensifying the findings and reporting, it is possible that in the past a lot of them just went unreported. Now we activate the cadres to recognize the symptoms of TB. If you find someone with symptoms like that, they are taken to the health center to have their phlegm checked. Maybe the case is just like that, only yesterday it was not reported because the focus on Covid-19 is now being reported, now we are intensifying reports,” he said.

For TB cases, according to him, most are currently found in densely populated urban areas. Not only the dense population, another problem is the condition of the houses being jostled, to the lack of ventilation.

“So the disease (TB) is multiplying faster,” he said.

Not only tuberculosis, even dengue cases, according to him, are currently experiencing an increase because it has entered the rainy season. But he confirmed that the number was not significant.

Leli asked the public to tighten a clean and healthy lifestyle and strictly implement health protocols. According to him, this step must be taken by the community to anticipate diseases that can appear in the rainy season and the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The community already knows what has been done, but we will re-socialize about the procedures for avoiding DHF. We have also made preparations, starting from fogging and others,” concluded Leli. [rnd]



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