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Covid-19 could cause hearing loss, doctors say

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Usudden hearing loss has been observed in a British patient with coronavirus. According to the doctors who took care of him, this symptom is the result of an infection linked to Covid-19.

Sudden and permanent hearing loss could occur in some Covid-19 patients, according to doctors. This Wednesday, October 14, a first British case of deafness linked to the coronavirus was noted in the scientific journal BMJ Case Reports. The causes of this phenomenon are not clearly identified at the moment, but according to the authors of the article, it is due to a viral infection generated by SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for Covid-19.

In their article, the doctors describe the case of a 45-year-old asthmatic patient in intensive care in their hospital. The man lost hearing in his left ear after feeling abnormal sensation in that ear. On examination, his ear canals and eardrums showed no abnormal signs. In addition, doctors ruled out other causes such as influenza or HIV and thus concluded that the phenomenon was associated with the coronavirus.

« Despite the considerable literature on Covid-19 and the various symptoms associated with the virus, there is a lack of discussion on the relationship between Covid-19 and hearing », Deplore the doctors. They recommend hospital screening to allow better patient care and treatment with steroids to increase the chances of recovering hearing.

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