COVID-19 Daily Update: March 16, 2020

Dear colleagues,

Read below for today’s updates.

NEW: Access to COVID-19 information remotely

For those who need to view COVID-19 information from home / remotely, there is a section of our external website dedicated to COVID-19 ( . It contains the same information that exists in the Hub regarding COVID.

Contact Customer Service at 617-414-4500 with any issues or concerns.

NEW: Information security while working remotely

Since many work from home, there are new cyber security threats that did not exist before. We ask that you continue to maintain a high level of security for your information, especially patient information and all HIPAA-protected information. Contact Customer Service at 617-414-4500 with any issues or concerns.

  • Be on the lookout for COVID-19 fake news. Cybersecurity researchers estimate that 40% of new registered domains that reference “COVID-19” and “coronavirus” were suspicious or malicious.
  • Be more vigilant when browsing the Internet and clicking on links within emails, and check email sender addresses.
  • When you are done using your computer, log out of the VPN and the computer. This helps free up a license for someone else to connect and also keeps the BMC Health System network secure.
  • Click here for a printable overview of five safety measures everyone should consider while working from home.

NEW: MBTA schedule changes and parking reminder

Beginning in service on Tuesday, March 17, MBTA trains and buses will operate on reduced service to support efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19. The bus and metro lines will run on Saturdays, and the commuter train will run on a reduced schedule. Visit the MBTA site for more information. BMC employees who are not currently part of the parking program can temporarily park in the 710 or DOB garages at a rate of $ 8 per day. Employees who are currently part of the parking program must continue to use their assigned garages.

NEW: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In recent days, a lot of information has been shared about activities related to COVID-19. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and will continue to update it as things continue to rapidly evolve.

NEW: Increased Cornerstone’s Mail-in Medication Refill Capacity

In response to the COVID-19 situation, BMC Health System has increased its ability to accept medication refills by mail from Cornerstone for patients who are currently picking up chronic medications at local pharmacies.

  • The pharmacy has identified patients attributed to BMC primary care physicians on all BMCHP insurance products who are currently taking maintenance medications or have been actively filled within the past six months.
  • We proactively offer the mail order pharmacy option to patients in a number of ways, including text messages, email, and phone follow-up.
  • Upon receiving approval from a patient for mail order enrollment, prescription transfers will be requested from their current pharmacy.
  • If the transfer of the prescription cannot be obtained, Cornerstone will obtain a new prescription by making a refill request with the Medication Refill teams or directly with the clinics that do not have these teams.

NEW: Updating of corporate accounts payable

Staff working from home can scan check requests and backup, send them to the approver and have the approver email an “OK to pay”, then forward the scanned items and approval to [email protected] . Scanned items and approval must go together. Contact [email protected] if you have any question.

Reminder: off-campus location

If you don’t have access to the Hub, you can still send a numeric message through the page. To search off campus:

  • If you know the pager ID of the person you are trying to reach, dial 617-638-5795 or 31 while on campus.
    • The system will say “Enter the identification number to the page”.
    • Enter the four-digit pager ID of the person you want to page.
    • The system will say the pager ID.
    • The system will give you the current status of the pager.
    • The system will say “Dial your callback number followed by the pound sign #”.
    • Enter callback number, press pound key.
    • The system will say “Paging xxxxx”.
    • The system will say “To try another extension, press 1”.
    • The called person will receive a message on their pager “Please call xxxxx”.
  • If you do not know the pager ID of the person you are trying to reach, call 638-8000 and enter 0 to connect to an operator who will help you with the location.