Covid-19: deaths in the country doubled in the last week – Health

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection today reported 100 deaths from covid-19, twice as many deaths as last week when 52 deaths from the virus were recorded. Among the deaths, the death of a child under 14 years stands out.

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Additional, 23,827 new cases were documented, after processing 117,136 tests (51,045 with PCR and 66,091 with antigens).

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According to this week’s report, the departments that continue to register the highest rates of contagion by covid-19 are Bogotá (8,880), Valle (3,423), Antioquia (1,960), Barranquilla (1,942) and Cundinamarca (1,118).

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According to the record of the previous week, the health authority registered 19,697 new infections by processing 118,049 diagnostic tests, figures that have been on the rise for a few weeks and that, as reported by the National Government, are indications that a fifth peak of infections is on the rise in the country.

In this regard, the health authorities have called on all territorial entities and health service providers to “maintain the effort to guarantee the population access to vaccines,” Claudia Cuéllar, director of Epidemiology and Demography, said a few days ago.

The strengthening of the surveillance of respiratory diseases and the increase in the proportion of those vaccinated have allowed the country to maintain a certain degree of stability epidemiological, but the specialists mention that it is important to apply the reinforcements according to the indications given.

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From the Ministries of Health, experts have added that Not only must access to vaccines be guaranteed, but also to diagnostic tests, in accordance with testing guidelines, which should continue to guide clinical management.

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