COVID-19: Elmer Huerta recounts his experience receiving the second dose in the clinical trials of Moderna’s vaccine candidate

Dr. Elmer Huerta returned to the hospital George Washington University, after 4 weeks of receiving the first dose in the phase 3 clinical trials of the vaccine candidate from Moderna, for the second dose.

“I have come to receive the second injection within the phase 3 vaccine study that I am participating in, so I am here early. They have already done the tests, they took my blood, they did the swab. […] As we have said before, we do not know if it is the placebo or the vaccine ”, he commented.

During the month since you received your first injection in phase 3 clinical trials, Dr. Huerta commented that he has not felt any symptoms.

“During the first 7 days the control was very strict, they gave us an application on the cell phone, in which every day I had to take my temperature and measure the redness and hardening in the area where the injection was given, but there was no no local reaction. The first day nothing more, maybe for the injection. Then the other days nothing, no fever, nothing”, He mentioned.

Huerta explained that until last Friday there were 27,500 volunteers who have already received the injections, subtracting only 2500 to complete the total pool of volunteers in clinical trials.


One of the most important steps for the clinical trial volunteer is to know and understand the document that they will sign giving their consent to be part of this study. In the case of Dr. Huerta, this document consisted of 21 pages that he reviewed with the medical specialist an hour and a half before the injection was given. During that time, the document was reviewed and after being consulted if he understood all the terms, he signed.

“The doctor went page by page with me. She told me that she knew he was a doctor, but that it was her obligation to remember what I’m going to enter. We saw what the vaccine was, what it consists of, how it was discovered, what has been done so far, what the side effects are, what should I expect. That one by one on the pages. Then I signed and once you sign, they tell you: ‘you can still get discouraged, if at any moment you change your mind, tell us, no problem,’ “he says.


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