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Since the beginning of the pandemic, the use of face mask It has become one of the most effective measures to counteract the spread of the virus, it even became a mandatory condition to return to some daily activities and stay both in open and closed spaces.

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Luis Alexander Moscoso, Deputy Minister of Health, reported that despite the progress of the National Vaccination Plan, as well as the decrease in cases and deaths due to the covid-19, the pandemic continues and that although some cities in the world reversed the use of masks, they reversed this decision.

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As reported by the Ministry of Health, at least for the remainder of the year the use of a mask will be mandatory in Colombia because there is still a significant part of the population that has not kept their vaccination appointment and may be susceptible to infection.

In this regard, Moscoso assured that “in addition to vaccination, the mask is the other most effective measure to prevent the contagion and spread of the covid-19. We have achieved important coverage and the National Vaccination Plan keep moving forward; however, we must remember that there are still many unvaccinated people and that vaccines protect in an important way infection and severe effects,
but it does not totally prevent contagion ”.

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When there are two people with masks, the risk of contagion is minimized

Moscoso added that this is not the time to dispense with the use of the mask, even responding to the call of certain organizations for it to cease to be mandatory in open spaces.

However, the vice minister recalled, the evidence shows that even the countries that at the time chose to stop this measure had to return to it due to the increase in infections. In this sense, Moscoso assured that the decrease in indicators such as the number of cases, ICU bed occupancy and deaths from covid-19 in the country is due both to the advance in vaccination, and to the permanent use of the mask.

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This portfolio established a goal of vaccination coverage with complete schedules above 75% in order to evaluate this situation in the future.

To date, 19,007,794 Colombians have the complete scheme and 24’553,708 have at least one dose of the biological against the virus.

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“If we increase the coverage above 75% with complete schemes,
we can look at different alternatives in the future, for now, use the
mask and get vaccinated quickly “
Moscoso concluded.

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