Covid-19. Italy prepares a Christmas and a New Year under a bell

While the French set the daily curve for new cases of Covid-19 and wait until December 15 to know what sauce, sweet or very salty, they will celebrate Christmas and the New Year, the Italians already know that they will spend the period under Bell. The government decided, Thursday, December 3, to tighten the conditions of movement inside the country for the end of the year celebrations. And clearly, it is family reunification that is targeted.

From December 21 to January 6, 2021, it will be forbidden to move from one of the twenty Italian regions to another, except for health or work reasons. December 25 and 26, as well as the 1is January, it will be downright impossible to leave your town of residence, again except for work or bobo. Even midnight masses, in very Catholic Italy, will be brought forward to 8 p.m., to respect the curfew set at 10 p.m. The government is still studying the possibility of exceptions, perhaps for students returning to their families, or for seniors who live alone.

A third wave “from January”?

The most bereaved country in the European Union (58,852 dead), Italy wants by all means to spare itself a third wave of Covid, which could occur as early as January , warned Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on Thursday night. The wave had taken Italy by surprise, especially its rich northern regions, such as Lombardy; the second wave, although expected, was terrible, with queues in front of hospitals, as in Naples where patients with respiratory failure had to be cared for in their car in early November…

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However, the figures are not good: 993 deaths recorded Thursday, 814 again this Friday. Admittedly, the peak of the second wave has been reached and the management of restrictions at the regional level, whose executives are endowed with significant powers, has worked. But its complexity, with green, yellow, orange or red, depending on the epidemiological situation, has reached its limits. The contaminations curve is declining, but it peaks at some 22,000 new cases every day. Hence the national turn of the screw of the Conte government.

Too tight? The announcements exasperated several regional presidents, who denounced the lack of discussion that made it impossible to balance the barriers and the needs of families. Attilio Fontana, President of Lombardy (22,626 dead) is one of them.



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