COVID-19: Minedu announces that vaccination of teachers in rural areas will begin on July 6 Ricardo Cuenca nndc | PERU

As of July 6, the vaccination against the coronavirus will begin COVID-19 to teachers in rural areas, the Minister of Education, Ricardo Cuenca, announced on Monday.

He explained that the immunization of teachers in rural areas will begin once the inoculation is completed. to older adults prioritized in the vaccination plan.

He remarked that there will be 200,000 workers in the Education sector in rural areas to whom the doses against COVID-19 will be applied, which include teachers, school directors and administrative staff. Vaccination will be simultaneous in all regions.

As of July 6 of this year, the vaccination of teachers in rural areas will begin, we consider that, as we said, after finishing the priority group of older adults, teachers are a priority group”Cuenca said at a press conference to provide an assessment of his management

This is a way of also recognizing all the effort made last year and this (2021), because for us education is the most important factor to sustain development and to strengthen democracy.”He added.

On June 13, the Minister of Education had already indicated that teachers in rural areas are among the highest priority groups to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, in order to accelerate the return to face-to-face school classes.

According to the government’s vaccination plan, older adults are currently receiving the vaccine and then people with comorbidity will continue. Once this process is finished, one of the prioritized groups is that of teachers from rural areas and the Ministry of Health already has all the information in this regard.”, Cuenca said on that occasion.

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