According to the data provided by the DGS, there are 10,524 confirmed cases of infection with the new coronavirus, 638 more than those recorded in the numbers of yesterday, April 3.

There are still 266 deaths to register – 20 more than in the previous bulletin – and 75 recoveries, which also registered an increase of seven cases.

There are currently 1075 people hospitalized, 251 of whom are in intensive care.

In total, 81087 suspected cases were recorded, of which 65045 were not confirmed. There are still 5518 cases awaiting laboratory results.

There are currently 22858 cases in health surveillance contact.

Among the registered deaths, four were in people aged between 40 and 49 years; 8 in people aged between 50 and 59 years; 24 in people aged between 60 and 69 years; 50 in people aged 70 to 79 and 170 in people aged 80 and over.

The North region is the most affected by this outbreak, with 6280 confirmed cases and 141 deaths. The Lisbon and Tagus Valley region records 2513 confirmed cases, with 54 deaths. The Center region has 1372 confirmed cases of infection and 66 deaths. The Algarve has 182 confirmed cases and 5 deaths.

Alentejo has 63 cases, and DGS corrected the information provided yesterday regarding a first confirmed death in the region. According to the authorities, “the death that was registered yesterday at ARS Alentejo was confirmed to be negative Covid”.

In the Azores there are 63 confirmed cases of infection and in Madeira there are 51 cases. There are no deaths to be recorded in the autonomous regions.

The most common symptoms are fever (47%), cough (60%), difficulty breathing (18%), headache (28%), muscle pain (32%), generalized weakness (25%).

Portugal, where the first case was confirmed on March 2 and is in a state of emergency, at least until April 17, has already entered the third and most serious phase of response to the disease (Mitigation Phase), activated when there is transmission in a closed environment, and / or community transmission.

Detected in December 2019 in China, the new coronavirus has already exceeded 1 million and 100 thousand infected cases worldwide, of which more than 58 thousand died.

Of the cases of infection, at least 227 thousand are considered cured.

Covid-19, caused by the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, is an acute respiratory infection that can trigger pneumonia.

Where can I find official information?

DGS has created several sites for this purpose where it concentrates all updated information and where it can follow the evolution of infection in Portugal and in the world. You can also consult the recommended safety measures and answer questions about the disease.

Whoever suspects they are infected or have symptoms in Portugal – which include fever, body aches and tiredness – should contact the SNS24 line at 808 24 24 24 to be directed by healthcare professionals. Do not go to the emergency servicesasks the Directorate-General for Health.

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