Covid-19 patient needs help to buy medicines

The septuagenarian Héctor Montiel is in a clinic in Maracaibo.

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01:34 PM / 05/09/2020

For the patient Héctor Montiel, 71 years old and diagnosed with covid-19, relatives request help to buy the medicines. “They are quite expensive and we do not have enough resources to cover all of them.”

Mr. Héctor is hospitalized in the Paraíso clinic in Maracaibo, “with a compromised lung. He is a high-risk patient due to his marked heart condition and hypertension.”

For contributions, the Zelle account is available:
[email protected]

And the Cta BOD 01160085960005890438 María Montiel 16354536

Any contribution, to the extent of everyone’s possibilities, will be well received, says the Montiel family. If you wish to contact her this is the number 0414-614150149, from María Montiel.

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