Covid-19 Soars, People Leave the City in droves, Ferry Terminal Full : Okezone News

BANGLADESHPublic seen flocking to terminal feri Dhaka on the second day to get out of city before national lockdown strict rules come into effect.

For seven days from Thursday (24/6), no one in Bangladesh will be allowed to leave their home except in an emergency.

As a result, people fled from the busy capital city to their homes in towns and villages.

Covid-19 cases in the country have soared, many linked to the Delta variant first identified in neighboring India.

The latest wave of the virus in Bangladesh started about six weeks ago. As of 15 May there were 261 new cases and 22 deaths reported. As of Friday (25/6) there were 5,869 new cases and 108 deaths – the country’s second-highest daily death toll of the entire pandemic.

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Many hospitals are overwhelmed with patients and struggling to cope, especially those on the border with India.

The lockdown was originally supposed to start this Monday (28/6), but was postponed until Thursday (1/7). However, officials said some of the restrictions would still come into effect at this time local time.

Due to the sharp increase in cases, train and bus services have been suspended, with the exception of emergency services. People hoping to leave the city have been forced to rent private vehicles, or even walk, due to transport closures.

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  • Situation ‘out of control’

BBC South Asia editor Jill McGivering reports low -income workers and day laborers will be the hardest hit by tight lockouts. Many of those who fled were migrant workers trying to return home.

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The Dhaka Tribune newspaper reported that there were thousands of people at just one ferry terminal, with little or no space between them.

Local traffic police chief Zakir Hossain told the paper that the Shimulia terminal was much busier on Sundays than on Saturdays, and that “no one was following Covid-19 safety protocols”.

The AFP news agency reported a total of tens of thousands of people trying to leave. It quoted a senior Bangladesh maritime official as saying at least 50,000 people had left the city by ferry on Sunday (27/6) alone. Currently, the situation is getting “out of control”.

Several ferry services operate 24 hours a day, with more than 1,000 passengers crammed into each trip.

“We didn’t want them to overcrowd the ferry, but they didn’t listen. There were people in a hurry,” police sub-inspector Mohammad Raza told AFP.

A statement issued by the Press Information Department (PID) of Bangladesh said all offices, including government, semi-government and private offices, would also be closed under lockdown.

Health department spokesman Robed Amin told AFP that police and border guards would be deployed to enforce the lockdown and stop people from leaving their homes.